Carols for Christmas-tide/O'er the hill and o'er the vale

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"O'er the hill and o'er the vale."

1.O'er the hill and o'er the vale,
Come three Kings together,
Caring nought for snow and hail,
Cold and wind and weather;

Now on Persia's sandy plains,
Now where Tigris swells with rains,
They their Camels tether:
Now through Syrian lands they go,
Now through Moab, faint and slow,
Now o'er Edom's heather.

2.O'er the hill and o'er the vale,
Each King bears a present:
Wise men go a Child to hail,
Monarchs seek a Peasant:

And a star in front proceeds,
Over rocks and rivers leads,
Shines with beams incessant:
Therefore onward, onward still!
Ford the stream and climb the hill:
Love makes all things pleasant.

3.He is God ye go to meet:
Therefore incense proffer:
He is King ye go to greet;
Gold is in your coffer.

Also Man, He comes to share
Ev'ry woe that man can bear;
Tempter, Railer, Scoffer:
Therefore now, against the day,
In the grave when Him they lay,
Myrrh ye also offer.