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The late Rev. Norman Macleod, D.D., one of her Majesty's chaplains for Scotland, was born in 1812. His father, of the same name as himself, was in his time a distinguished minister of the Church of Scotland, in which the son held such a prominent place.

Dr. Macleod was educated at the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow; and, after holding various minor preferments in the Established Church of Scotland, was appointed minister of the Barony Church in Glasgow.

He was known as the author of many valuable and interesting works; and perhaps the most noticeable, his book entitled ' Eastward,' based upon his experiences of travels which he made in Palestine and the neighbouring countries some years ago, added largely to his reputation as an attractive writer. Dr. Macleod also went, in 1867, on a journey of inspection among the principal missionary stations of India—a thousand pounds having been previously voted to him for travelling expenses from the funds devoted to missionary enterprises by the Established Church of Scotland.

Some of the more interesting results of his investigations were given in 'Good Words,' of which Dr. Macleod was the editor from the first establishment of that magazine in the year 1860 to his death. These notes have since been reprinted in a volume form, under the title of 'Peeps at the Far East; or a Familiar Account of a Visit to India.'

Of his other numerous literary works, we may mention the 'Home School; or Hints on Home Education,' 'Simple Truths spoken to Working Men'—addressed more immediately to the congregation of the working classes of the Barony Mission Chapel—'Deborah,' 'Reminiscences of a Highland Parish,' and, perhaps one of the most successful of all his works, 'The Earnest Student.' Although only a brief sketch, one of the most
"One of Her Majesty's chaplains."


characteristic examples of his style of thought and expression is a short disquisition on 'Social Life in Heaven'—one of the papers in a collection entitled 'Recognition of Friends in Heaven,' the joint production of the Bishop of Ripon, Dr. Macleod, J. B. Owen, M.A., and three other authors. Dr. Macleod wrote also an interesting Scottish story, 'The Starling.'