Catalogue of Curious but Prohibited Books

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Catalogue of Curious but Prohibited Books (1742)
by Anonymous
4364626Catalogue of Curious but Prohibited Books1742Anonymous



Prohibited BOOKS, &c.

Chiefly Modern:


The Collection of a very eminent Statesman, an Officer in the Customs, well known to the present Great Political World.

Now upon Sale to the best Bidder.

For the Benefit of GEORGE BRITON, a poor Fatherless Orphan.

To be had of T. Lion, near St. Paul's; and at the several
Pamphlet-Shops in London and Westminster.




Prohibited BOOKS.

1. Cesar Cesarianus; or, The Conquest of the Gauls; an Heroic Poem. By Chubb.

2. No Fools like your Wits. The nine hundred and ninety nine thousandth Edition. By L. C.

3. A Collection of Play Bills, of both Houses, as they were posted up, and taken down again, as soon as the Show was over. (Note, They are a Bargain.)

4. Reasons for despising false Honour and trumpery Titles. By the Author of Common Sense.

5. Villany the best Policy. A practical Tenet, first maintained by L. O. and published by him in great Characters. This Impression was carried on by a general Subscription.

6. A Welchman weighed, and found not wanting, A Story in the True-Briton, by Sir J. P.

7. A Moving Discourse on the Sins of Infirmity. By Mr. P—t,

8. Mock-Honour. A great Number of Copies have been disposed of; the Demand still continues.

9. Wise as Doves, innocent as Serpents; or, A View of the Present State of the Patriots in Office.

10. Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire; or, What have you got by changing? The Speech of a discarded Minister.

11. A Preservative against False Taste. By the Author of the Review of the Court.

12. The Accomplished Ambassador. By H. W.

13. A Shove to a Heavy-ars'd Dutchman. By Mercurius Britannicus. (Note, The Author is labouring for another Title.)

14. A Trip from Vaux-Hall to Cythera. A modest Proposal, address'd to the Ladies.

15. Hercules spinning, and Omphale with the Lion-Skin. An Opera acted at Vienna.

16. A Point of War on a Sword-Hilt; or, The Invention of a new Drum. By Antient Pistol.

17. The Closet Companion, or a Guide to Damnation. By L. G.

18. The Art of patching up a Pox. By Dr. Broadbottom, Quack in ordinary.

19. A Complete List of public Bankrupts from the memorable 1741. Being a Supplement to the Court-Kalender, and very proper to be hung up.

20. A Rate of St. James's Market Prices for rotten Meat. Very necessary to all Dealers in that Commodity. By a late eminent Drover.

21. Germany the true Sinking-Fund, or the H———r Spunge. An old Song and a true one,

22. The Tryal of C———y C———r, for the horrid Crime of Regicide, and the barbarous Murder of him who kills the War.

23. The Humourous Lieutenant; A silly Comedy, revived, and intended to be acted. By L. C.

24. The Panegyrics of the old Generals and Admirals. Printed by an open Subscription of all the present ones.

25. Money without Wit. A dull Farce; by a rich Citizen.

26. The Modern Mæcenas; or, Patron of Wit and Learning. By L. G. Dedicated to the Augustus of these Days.

27. The Emptiness of Speeches. By L— B———t.

28. The Partriot's Grave-Digger. By S. J. H. C. Folio Maximo.

29. The Modern Display of Titles and Honours. A Grub-street Edition.

30. The Fruitless Search; or, A Hue and Cry after a Man in Britain.

31. Bear-Garden Conversation at Court, By a Society of fine Gentlemen.

32. The Mock-Campaign. A Droll, intermixt with the Humours of Squire Numps flourishing his Pap-spoon, the Frumps of his Nurse, and an Entry danc'd by a Hog in Armour.

33. The Arts of Cookery and Politicks, bound together. By the D. of N.

34. The Works of a Celebrated Foreign Lady, Stitch'd, or in Sheets. Royal Paper, and an English Title.

35. The Wittalls. A sad Farce, acted by a Set of Vagrants at W———r.

36. The Art of Farming a King and Country. By a Knot of modern Politicians.

37. Old England. A severe Satire on modern England.

38. Essays, on the Frailty of the Flesh, and Pricks of the Confienes. By L—y B.

39. The Bottomless Funds. A Tract bound up with a Dissertation on Noli me tangere.

40. An Antidote against Popery. By the same Hand as the Ecclesiastical History.

41. The Whore's Looking-Glass. By a new Convert to the C———.

42. The Beauty of a good Translation. By a Protestant Bishop.

43. The Proscription of Taste and Learning. By a Minister.

44. Dr. S———p———n's Plea for the Non-Conformists.

45. A Scheme for the Erection of a certain German Electorate into a Kingdom. To be dedicated, in such Case, to his most H—— M——.

46. The Universalist. An Essay, by G. L—t—n.

47. The Art of not Thinking. By a young Man of Fortune.

48. The Clergy spiritualized, and renouncing all the Vanities of the World. A Sermon, dedicated to my Lords, the Bishops, and their Wives.

49. Prudence and Saving Knowledge, manifested in being ty'd up without Reserve or Distinction. Dedicated to that worshipful and wise Society the Non-subscribers.

50. A New Scene, in the Way of the World, of WITWOUD carrying a blustering Message drawn up by NOLL BLUFF. By L. C.

51. Triumph Royal; or, An Account of Battles, Sea-Fights, Treaties, &c. Price Five-farthings.

52. Public Vices, private Benefits. By Sir Courtly Grub.

53. The new Canting Dictionary of a Patriot; containing all his Terms of Art.

54. Evasions, Tricks, Turns, and Quibbles, of an Apostate Patriot. By William Dydapper.

55. Touching with Gold the only Cure for the King's Evil. A State Arcanum practised by L. O. and diligently copied by his Successors.

56. The Art of War. Suckling.

57. Bath Unmasqu'd. (The Title blotted.)

58. The Dangers and Inconveniencies of a Bawdy-House Acquaintance. By a new Courtier.

59. An History of the Hospital of Invalids. Dedicated to the Broad-bottom Dupes.

60. Modern Nobility. (Newest Edition, very cheap.)

61. Wretch indeed! or the Life of a Town-Rake.

62. The Groans of Britannia, for the Thraldom of the Stage.

63. The Fall of Taste. A Work very much encouraged by the Nobility.

64. A List of Titles, Pensions, Gratifications, Places, and Rewards conferred on Merit, for these last thirty Years. (Blank Paper.)

65. God's Revenge against Apostasy; or, The latter Days of William Dydapper. A melancholly and true Story.

66. Royal Poverty; or, The Itch of Hoarding. Published in a small Character, with a great Title prefix'd to it.

67. A Horse taking Fright, and prauncing with a Pelham Bit. A curious Cut.

68. The Battle of the Ministers. A Burlesque Poem. (Now is the Time of Subscription.)

69. The Play not worth the Candle; or, L—d B———'s History of his Own Times.

70. The Constitution broke up. A Work begun by L. O. and not quite finished.

71. An History of British Malefactors who have not been executed for their Crimes. Several Editions of it, with and without Titles.

72. The Art of being Easy under any Government. By L. C———y.

73. The Mistaken Importance; or, Mock-Gravity. A pitiful Ditty. By L. S———ys.

74. The Englishman. Out of Print.

75. The Anatomy of Butterflies, Aurelias, Grubs, and Silk-Worms. Dedicated to the Flutterers about a Court.

76. Resignation. An Heroic Piece, in the old British Stile. By S. J. P.

77. The Broad-bottom. A Concert, damned the first Time of Playing.

78. A Course of Natural Experiments. By L—y M. W. M.

79. The Present State of Religion and Liberty, balanced against the Purchase-Money. (A rare Pennyworth.)

80. The BEAR refusing to dance to our Fiddle. A Russian Interlude.

81. The Grand Catholicon; or, Corruption the Cure of all Evils. By a late eminent Practitioner.

82. True Nobility. (Very scarce).

83. A View of the People of England: A small Table of Contents, with a List of Grievances. Comes out in Numbers.

84. Royal Munificence; or, An Account of the immense Sums bestowed on the Improvement and Encouragement of Arts, Sciences, and Merit to the Public, in Utopia.

85. The Foppery of Reviews and Military Parades practically exposed. By Antient Pistol.

86. The best Use of a standing Force. Dedicated to the Ladies.

87. The Courtier Alamode. A modern Edition, bound, gilt, and unlettered.

88. The Saunterer's Paradise, or, A Drawing Room Lounge. By a Company of pretty Fellows.

89. Kicking goes by Favour; or, The Ceremony of dubbing a Premier in Dunceland.

90. The Ignobles, or British Unworthies. In a hundred and fifty Vols. large Folio.

91. The Coxcomb. A Translation, altered and spoilt, from a French Piece called the Petit Maitre.

92. The Government of the Tongue; or, A Minister's Command over a little Member.

93. The Laws of Dishonour; or, An Account of the modern Derivation of Titles, Dignities, Offices, &c, in Venal-Land. (To be sold or barter'd.)

94. The Road to Court over the Country.

95. A Parallel of false and true Honour. Dedicated to all Title-Mongers.

96. Thorough-Stitch Men libel'd for Impotency, for not consummating one single Stroke, and Inability to stand. Being a Caution, especially to the Ladies, concerning these Pretenders to Manhood.

97. The Impossible Thing: Attempted by L. C.

98. The Lapland Merchant, or, Selling of a fair Wind. By a late eminent Speech-Tuner, in the Opposition.

99. Memoirs of the late Opposition. (The Binding torn off, and very dirty.)

100. The History of a Robbing Red-Breast. By S. W. Y.

101. The German Quixot, or, Silesian Adventurer. On a Royal Retrie. In bad Condition.

102. A Notable Speech to Knaves of Figure, by way of Farewell, without any Thanks for it. Cum Notis variorum.

103. Jack Ketch defrauded by the Roguery of C———t M———ls.

104. Cotton's Travesti. An odd Volume.

105. Mock State. A Burlesque Essay, dedicated to the City-Quality.

106. A Led-Mule with State-Trappings. An Original without a Copy.

107. An History of Deserters. The second Volume just published.

108. Present Policy not founded on Argument; or, A new Way with the Dissenters.

109. British Interest, (abridg'd.) Sells Abroad.

110. The Sacrifice of a Golden Calf. A sad Legend, in red Letters, and written on British Sheep Skins.

111. Pretty Master's Master-Stroke; or, Who triumphs in a Go-Cart? A deep Tragedy. By a Youth.


This work was published before January 1, 1929, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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