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This is a maintenance category, added by a template to group pages for maintenance (non-navigation) purposes. It is automatically hidden on categorized pages.


The purpose of this category is to track Page: namespace pages that have a [[]] linked within them, though the file does not exist at either Commons or English Wikisource.

Maintenance task[edit]

Cause Solution
  • the deletion of the file at Commons
we need to have someone recover the file at Commons, it probably has been deleted in error. Prod us at Wikisource:Scriptorium
  • a mistyped filename
if you can determine the filename, please update to the correct name.
  • the image not existing
if in the Page: namespace please replace with the template {{image missing}}
  • where multiple images called for an Author namespace page
follow the Wikidata link and set a preferred value for an image (see d:Help:Ranking for instructions) or select one image and add it with the image parameter in {{header}}


If you have any questions, please ask at Wikisource:Scriptorium/Help.

Thanks for your help.

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