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This category is for regulations ordered by administrative institutions of the Republic of China administrating Taiwan. For laws, see Category:Law of the Republic of China.


Mandarin Chinese, written in traditional Chinese, is the only official language in Taiwan. In case of any discrepancy between the English versions and the Chinese versions, the Chinese versions shall prevail.

Copyright information[edit]

Article 9 of the Copyright Act (Republic of China) (著作權法 in traditional Chinese) in effect in Taiwan provides that the subject matter of copyright shall not include the constitution, acts, regulations, or official documents, nor translations or compilations by central or local government agencies of these works. Web sites of central and local government agencies of the Republic of China in Taiwan are suffixed

Please use {{PD-TW}} and indicate the sources of the English translations to avoid false alarms of possible copyright violations and to allow others to check your work. Please do not copy the English translations from private web sites without proper permission as private translations of the laws of the Republic of China may be copyrighted.


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