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angThese users indicate their knowledge of Old English.
Þēs flocc endebyrdeþ Wicifruman brūcend æfter hira cræfte in þǣre Engliscan sprǣce.

For a list of language-specific tags, see Wikisource:Babel.

*1 mǣnþ grundlicgende gewitnesse
  • 2 mǣnþ middellicgende gewitnesse
  • 3 mǣnþ forþwearde oþþe inlendisce gewitnesse
  • (nān) mǣnþ inlendisce spreceras (geblēoh:grēne)
Tō sēonne getale sprǣce-sibbra tācna, sēo Wikisource:Babel.


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