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Jesuit, b. at Madrid, 26 October, 1625; d. Lima, 22 December, 1715. He wrote "Historia de la provincia Peruana de la Compañía de Jésus", the twelfth book only of which was published, in 1891, by Manuel Vicente Ballivian, with a short biographical notice from the pen of Torres Saldamando. It was followed by another by Altamirano: "Breve noticia de las misiones de los infieles que tiena la Compañía de Jésus en esta provincia del Peru, en las provincias de los Mojos", also with introduction by Saldamando. The Original manuscript, of the "Historia" is in the National Archives at Lima, in a Deplorable state of decomposition.

BALLIVIAN, Documentos historicos de Bolivia (La Paz, 1891).