Chapters From the New Apocrypha/"His Garment's Hem"

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While Jesus tarried at Jerusalem there came unto the city a certain man from the country beyond Jordan.
Who, having heard of the fame of Jesus, (or had seen his star in the East) had come to Jerusalem for to worship him.
And it came to pass while he went into the gate of the city there stood at the gate a soldier of the Roman band.
And he asked the soldier straightway concerning Jesus, if he knew him.
Then saith the soldier, I have never seen Jesus of Nazareth, whom ye call the Christ; but nevertheless I know him, for I was sick and he healed me; I am the centurion's servant.
Then the stranger, understanding not the meaning of what had been said unto him, went on his way into the city.
And while he stood in the market-place there drew nigh unto him a ruler of the Synagogue, whom he also asked if he knew Jesus.
Then answered the ruler, truly if thou hadst known me thou hadst not asked; for I am Jairus, whose daughter was raised as from the dead.
Verily I cannot tell thee his abiding place, but I know him for what he hath done.
Now was the stranger very sorrowful to find none to tell him where Jesus abode; but, as he went on through the streets of the city he met a man rejoicing, and giving thanks.
And he saith unto him, Sir, I would see Jesus; knowest thou where I may find him?
And the man answering saith, I know not where he tarrieth; but this I know that I myself have found him, for whereas I was blind, now I see.
And while he went on his way rejoicing the stranger sought Jesus further;
And when he had come to the uttermost parts of the city there stood a woman in the way;
Her also he asked concerning Jesus.
She saith unto him, Verily I know him, for I had an issue of blood, and this day drew nigh unto him in the press, and I but touched the hem of his garment and was made whole.
The stranger saith again unto her, Knowest thou where he dwelleth? But she could not tell him:
And he went his way, yet the more sorrowful, and wondering that of all whom Jesus had healed of their infirmities none could say where he dwelt.
Now while he sought it became nightfall, and at the gate of the city a man saith unto him, Seekest thou Jesus, that is called the Christ?
Behold him yonder; for he goeth even now with one of his disciples toward Bethany.
And the stranger beholding Jesus afar off ran after him with great joy, saying, I have found the Christ who shall heal my infirmity; who shall bid me see; I shall touch the hem of his garment.
But the darkness gathered, insomuch that he saw not the way clearly,
And as he ran he heard a great cry behind him,—Save me, I perish.
Then would he have turned him about to help him who had called.
But he bethought him that if he tarried there the darkness would gather.
And while he tarried again he heard the voice, Save me, I perish.
And he forgot Jesus, and turned his back upon him and ran and came unto him who was in trouble, and he helped him, and put him upon his beast, and he went his way.
Meanwhile the darkness had gathered, and it was night.
And the stranger was sore distressed; and he lifted up his voice and cried, saying, Woe unto me because I have lost Jesus.
But even while he spoke a being clad in white and shining garments appeared in the way;
And saith unto him, Be of good cheer. Thou hast not lost Jesus, for I am he.
Forasmuch as thou didst hear the voice of thy brother thou didst hear my voice.
Behold now, arise, and go thy way, and thy infirmity shall be healed and thou shalt see.
For whoso helpeth him who is in sorrow, sickness, need, or any other adversity, helpeth me and Him that sent me.
So fulfilling that petition which I taught my disciples, saying, Thy kingdom come.
Go ye therefore into all the world and preach this gospel to every creature:
For I am indeed come to preach deliverance to the captive and recovery of sight to the blind;
But wheresoever thy duty is there am I in the midst of it.