Chapters From the New Apocrypha/For Jesus' Sake

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Jesus entered into a certain village of the Samaritans;
And there were with him Philip and Bartholomew and James, the Lord's brother.
Now while they stood in the market-place they were an hungered, and did eat of the fruits of them that sold:
Pomegranates and figs and grapes and other fruits and spices also.
And while they ate he that kept the tables talked with Jesus and the other disciples.
And as the merchant was turned away a lad drew near and stole a fig and a pomegranate from the table.
Now the merchant saw him not, nor any other;
But Bartholomew saw him, and ran and caught him.
And when he would have haled him to the judge that he be cast into prison,
Philip saith unto him, Nay, let the Lord rebuke him and let him go.
Now Jesus, having heard what was said by his disciples, was exceeding sorry;
And he saith unto them, I charge thee, Bartholomew, that thou shouldst not condemn this lad thyself, nor hale him to the judge.
For it is not thou but this merchant whose goods he hath stolen whose right it is.

And to Philip he saith, Why should I rebuke the lad? Doth not his own heart reprove him more than my words?
Then James, the Lord's brother, seeing that Jesus was very sorrowful, spoke saying, Wist ye not what the Lord said on the mount?
If any man take thy coat let him have thy cloak also. Let the lad take whatever he will.
And Jesus grieved yet the more, and he saith unto them, Have I been so long a time with you, and hast thou not known me?
Then saith he unto the lad, Wast thou an hungered that thou hast stolen the fig and the pomegranate?
And the lad wept and answered him, Nay, but I would make merry with my friends. Yet did I never transgress before.
Then Jesus gave the lad a penny, and saith unto him, Go and buy the fruits that thou didst steal.
And steal no more; and as I have paid the price for thee, remember henceforth to keep the law for my sake.
And when the lad had gone away free, Jesus saith unto his disciples, and unto the merchant, and unto all them who were gathered about:
What ye have this day seen done by me in a little thing,
That also must I do in a greater thing.
For what I have done for the lad this hour that must I do for the world, that for my sake the world may be free.