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[ 408 ]


Rex sine sapiencia: Episcopus sine doctrina.
Dominus sine consilio: Mulier sine castitate.
Miles sine probitate: Iudex sine Iusticia.
Diues sine elemosina: Populus sine lege.
Senex sine religione: Seruus sine timore.
Pauper superbus: Adolescens sine obediencia.

Go forth, king, rule thee by sapience;
Bishop, be able to minister doctryne;
Lord, to trew consayl yeve audience;
Womanheed, to chastitè ever enclyne;
Knight, let thy dedes worship determyne;       5
Be rightwis, jugë, in saving thy name;
Rich, do almesse, lest thou lese blis with shame.

People, obey your king and the lawe;
Age, be thou ruled by good religioun;
Trew servant, be dredful, and keep thee under awe,       10
And thou, povre, fy on presumpcioun;
Inobedience to youth is utter distruccioun;
Remembre you how god hath set you, lo!
And do your part, as ye be ordained to.

From Th. (Thynne, ed. 1532); I give rejected spellings. 1. forthe; the. 2. Bishoppe. 3. Lorde; trewe counsayle. 4. Womanhede. 5. lette. 6. rightous (read rightwis); iuge. 7. blysse. 9. relygion. 10. Trewe; dredeful; kepe. 11. poore; presumption. 12. distruction. 13. howe. 14. parte.