Chaucerian and Other Pieces/Piece28

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[ 450 ]


1. Whan feyth failleth in prestes sawes,
And lordes hestes ar holden for lawes,
And robbery is holden purchas,
And lechery is holden solas,
Than shal the lond of Albyon       5
Be brought to grete confusioun.

2. Hit falleth for every gentilman
To saye the best that he can
In [every] mannes absence,
And the soth in his presence.       10

3. Hit cometh by kynde of gentil blode
To cast away al hevines,
And gadre to-gidre wordes good;
The werk of wisdom berith witnes.

Et sic est finis.

XXVIII. From Caxton's print of Chaucer's Anelida, &c.; see vol. i. p. 46. Also in ed. 1542, in later spelling.

7. Cx. euery. 9. I supply every. 12. Cx. heuynes. 14. Cx. wisedom.