Chicago Tribune/1893/September/23/Counselor Judel Pleased with the Fair

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Chicago Tribune  (1893)  by Unknown
Counselor Judel Pleased with the Fair

September 23, 1893

Counselor Judel Pleased with the Fair.

WASHINGTON, D.C., Sept 22.—[Special]— Consul W.C.Fox, returning to this country from his post in Persia, brought with him Max Judel, Royal Commercial Counselor of Brunswick, Germany. In addition to his official duties Counselor Judel is a large manufacturer of railway signals and other safety appliances on railways and he visited this country to take in the World's Fair. As a result of his trip to Chicago he purchased several American inventions, which will be utilized in Germany, and he expressed wonder at the revelations he had witnessed while doing the Columbian Exposition.

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