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Date Title Newspaper
1838-05-05 May 05, 1838 Letter to the editor The Perth Gazette
1886-10-15 Oct 15, 1886 Edith Kingdon The Ottawa Daily Local News
1888-09-12 Sep 12, 1888 The Latest Murder Olean Democrat
1888-10-02 Oct 02, 1888 Another London Horror British Daily Whig
1888-10-08 Oct 08, 1888 The Whitehall Discovery Inquest Today St. James Gazette
1902-10-09 Oct 09, 1902 Three Grades of Fabric The Brooklyn Eagle
1912-04-04 Apr 4, 1912 Aviator C.P. Rodgers Almost Instantly Killed. His Biplane Falls Distance of 200 Feet (Obituary) Chattanooga Daily Times
1912-04-15 Apr 15, 1912 Passengers Safely Moved and Steamer Titanic Taken in Tow Christian Science Monitor
1914-09-14 Sep 14, 1913 Proclamation of the Route of the Lincoln Highway South Bend News-Times
1916-02-01 Feb 01, 1916 Why I joined the Army Daily Express
1916-02-09 Feb 09, 1916 In the Front Trenches Daily Express
1916-03-04 Mar 04, 1916 What they Think in the Trenches Daily Express
1916-03-23 Mar 23, 1916 The Resiliency of Mr. Atkins Daily Express
1916-07-11 July 11, 1916 Night Raid by the Royal Munster Fusiliers The Irish Times
1916-08-17 Aug 17, 1916 How a Trench Raid V.C. was won Daily Express
1917-10-20 Oct 20, 1917 Columbia's Dismissed Professors The Literary Digest
1917-10-19 Oct 19, 1917 Death Comes to Mata Hari International News Service

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