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WikiProject Newspapers

This WikiProject coordinates collaboration on accessioning newspapers into Wikisource.

Naming Conventions[edit]

  • DJVU Files: Newspaper Name, YYYY-MM-DD.djvu
  • Index NS page: Index:Newspaper Name, YYYY-MM-DD.djvu
  • Page NS pages: as usual (Page:Newspaper Name, YYYY-MM-DD.djvu/n) with articles marked up as sections
  • Main NS pages:
    • Newspaper Name (listing all years; Category:Newspapers)
    • Newspaper Name/YYYY (listing all issues of that year)
    • Newspaper Name/YYYY/MM/DD (listing all articles in that issue)
    • Newspaper Name/YYYY/MM/DD/Article Name (using sections to include the article text from Page NS pages)
    • Article Name (optional; newspaper articles that are serial works can also have a standalone top-level Main NS page)
  • Tracking progress: Wikisource:WikiProject Newspapers/Newspaper Name (subpages of this WikiProject page)


Use {{header}} on all Main NS pages except the daily issue pages (Newspaper Name/YYYY/MM/DD), which use {{header daily issue}}:

{{Header daily issue|Newspaper Name|
curr=1904|4|1|       <!--date of this issue in YYYY|M|D format-->
prev=1904|3|30|      <!--date of the previous issue-->
next=1904|4|2}}      <!--date of the next issue-->


Individual newspapers and topical collections.