Clementine (Lehrer)

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For works with similar titles, see Clementine.
by Thomas Andrew Lehrer


words and music by Tom Lehrer

  1. (Cole Porter)
    In a cavern, in a canyon, excavating for a mine,
    Far away from the boom-boom-boom of the city,
    She was so pretty,
    What a pity,
    Oh, Clementine,
    Can't you tell from the howls of me?
    This love of mine
    Calls to you from the bowels of me.
    Are you discerning
    The returning
    Of this churning, burning, yearning for you?

  2. (Mozart)
    Era leggiera, e come una fairy, e sue shoes numero nine,
    Herring boxes senza topses
    Sandale per Clementina, si, per Clementina, si,
    Per Clementina,
    Sandale per Clementina, sandale per Clementin'.
    Clementina, Clementina, Cle-e-me-en-ti-na.
    Herring boxes senza topses sandale per Clementina,
    Herring boxes senza topses sandale per Clementina,
    Che sciagura, Clementina, Che sciagura, Clementina,
    Cara Clementina, cara Clementina-na-na-na-na-na-na-na.

  3. (Bop)
    Drove those ducklings to the water --- yep-roc!
    Every morning, nine o'clock sharp -- oop-bop! -- beedle-ee-ah!
    Stubbed her toe upon a splinter,
    Stubbed her toe upon a splinter -- kloo-ga-mop! -- ooh -ooh!
    Fell into the foamy brine,
    Dig that crazy Clementine! Man!

  4. (Gilbert and Sullivan)
    That I missed her depressed her
    Young sister named Esther.
    This mister to pester
    She'd try.
    Now a pestering sister's a festering blister,
    You'd best to resist her,
    Say I.
    The mister resisted,
    The sister persisted,
    I kissed her, all loyalty slipped.
    When she said I could have her,
    Her sister's cadaver
    Must surely have turned in its crypt, yes, yes, yes yes!
    Now I love she and she loves me.
    Enraptured are the both of we,
    Yes, I love her and she loves I,
    And will through all eternitye.
    See what I mean?

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