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Thomas Andrew Lehrer

American singer-songwriter and mathematician.

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Thomas Andrew Lehrer


The Physical Revue[edit]

  1. "The Professor's Song"
  2. "s = ½ gt²"
  3. "Relativity"
  4. "The Derivative Song (dy/dx)"
  5. "Lobachevsky"
  6. "There's a Delta for Every Epsilon"
  7. "Hail, Chemistry"
  8. "The Elements"
  9. "Fugue for Scientists"
  10. "The Slide Rule Song"
  11. "GSAS Alma Mater"
  12. "Fight Fiercely, Harvard"
  13. "The Subway Song"
  14. "Don't Major in Physics"
  15. "A Liter and a Gram"
  16. "Are There Any Questions?"

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Song lyrics[edit]

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