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ABBOTT, LYMAN, an American clergyman, born at Roxbury, Mass., Dec. 18, 1835. At first a lawyer, he was ordained minister of the Congregational



Church in 1860. After a pastorate of five years, in Indiana, he went to New York, and rose rapidly to distinction through his contribution to periodical literature. He was pastor of Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, in 1888-1898, being the immediate successor of Henry Ward Beecher. He was associated with Mr. Beecher in the editorship of the "Christian Union," and in 1893 became editor of "The Outlook," formerly the "Christian Union." His writings include "Jesus of Nazareth" (1869); a "Life of Henry Ward Beecher" (1903); "In Aid of Faith" (1886); "Christianity and Social Problems" (1896); "Life and Letters of Paul" (1898); "The Rights of Man" (1901); "The Great Companion" (1904); "The Spirit of Democracy (1910); "Letters to Unknown Friends" (1913); etc.