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SURABAYA, or SOERABAYA, a large seaport town of Java; on the N. E. coast, and capital of one of the three provinces into which the island is divided by the Dutch; lat. 1° 12′ 30″ S.; lon. 112° 44′ 7″ E.; it is at the mouth of a navigable river, 1½ mile from the seashore. The river separates the European part of the town from the Chinese and the native quarter. The houses are very good, and some are elegant, particularly the country seats of private individuals. Surabaya is situated within that narrow strait which is formed by the islands of Java and Madura, and is defended by batteries. The mouth of the river is also defended. Pop. of town about 120,000. Province area 2,327 square miles. Pop. 2,115,000.