Colonial Office Circular, 5 December 1828

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Although it is the intention of His Majesty's Government to form a Settlement on the Western Coast of Australia, the Government do not intend to incur any expense in conveying Settlers, or in supplying them with necessaries after their arrival.

Such persons, however, as may be prepared to proceed to that country at their own cost, before the end of the year 1829, in parties comprehending a proportion of not less than 5 females to six male settlers, with receive Grants of Land, in fee simple (free of Quit Rent) proportioned to the capital which they may invest upon public or private objects in the Colony, to the satisfaction of His Majesty's Government at home, certified by the Superintendent, or other Officer administering the Colonial Government, at the rate of 40 acres for every sum of £3 so invested, provided they give previous security first, that all supplies sent to the Colony whether of Provision, stores or other articles which may be purchased by the Capitalists there, or which shall have been sent out, for the use of them or their parties, on the requisition of the Secretary of State, if not paid for on delivery in the Colony, shall be paid for at home, each Capitalist being held liable in his proportion — And secondly, that on the event of the establishment being broken up by the Governor or Superintendent, all persons desirous of returning to the British Islands shall be conveyed to their own home at the expense of the Capitalists by whom they have been taken out. The passages of labouring persons, whether paid for by themselves or others, and whether they be male or female, provided the proportion of the sexes before mentioned be preserved, will be considered as an investment of Capital, entitling the party by whom any such payment may have been made, to an allowance of Land at a rate of £15, that is, of 200 acres of Land for the Passage of every such labouring person, over and above any other investment of Capital.

Any Land thus granted which shall not have been brought into cultivation, or otherwise improved or reclaimed from the wild state, to the satisfaction of Government, within 21 years from the date of the Grant, shall at the end of the 21 years revert absolutely to the Crown.

All these conditions with respect to free Grant of Land and all contracts of labouring persons, and others who shall have bound themselves for a stipulated term of service will be strictly maintained.

It is not intended that any convicts or other descriptions of Prisoners, be sent to this new Settlement.

The Government will be administered by Captain Stirling of the Royal Navy, as Civil Superintendent of the Settlement, and a Bill in the nature of a Civil Charter, will be submitted to Parliament in the commencement of its next Session.

5th December, 1828

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