Contract of sale of land along the Hudson River from the Mahican Indians to Kiliaen van Rensselaer

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Whereas Bastiaen Janssen Crol, Comissar at Fort Orange, stated here at the Manhatas to the Honorable Council of this place, that the land situated near the aforesaid fort could not be bought this present year from the owners thereof and that, even though it were acquired afterwards, it would be understood by the Virginians to be sold only for so long as he, Crol, should continue to reside at the fort; and whereas likewise, when Wolffert Gerritsz, having orders from his Hon. Masters to inform their Honors of the situation there, expressly inquired of him, Crol, what and what sort of information he should send to their Honors aforesaid, he, Crol, did thereupon reply that there was this year no chance or means of acquiring any land, repeating the same several times, according to the deposition thereof made by the aforesaid Wolffert Gerritsz, it happened afterwards that Gillis Hosset, having on the 27th of July, 1630, in sailing up the river, come to the place where Jan Jansz Meyns was camping with his men to cut round timber for the new ship, there also came by chance to this spot Kotiamak, Nawanemitt, Abantzenee, Sagiskwa and Kanmoak, owners and proprietors of their respective parcels of land extending up the river, south and north of said fort, to a little south of Moeneminne's Castle, belonging jointly and collectively to the owners aforesaid, together with the land called Semesseeck, situated on the east shore, from opposite Castle Island to the aforesaid fort, belonging to the said Nawanemit in particular; also from Petanock, the Mill Kill, northward to Negagonse, extending fully about three [Dutch] miles; and the aforesaid Gillis Hosset, having entered into negotiations with the owners of the aforesaid land to sell, cede and surrender the said respective parcels of land, as they thereafter, on the sixth of August following, before us, the Director and Council of New Netherland, residing on the island of Manhats [sic] and Fort Amsterdam, under the jurisdiction of their High Mightinesses, the Lords States General of the United Netherlands, and the Chartered West India Company, Chamber of Amsterdam, voluntarily and deliberately did for and in consideration of certain quantities of merchandise, the receipt whereof into their hands and power they acknowledged before the execution of these presents, and as they hereby, by virtue and title of sale, do transfer, cede and convey the same to and for the benefit of the Hon. Kiliaen van Rensselaer, being absent and for whom we, ex officio, accept the same with proper stipulations, namely the respective parcels of land hereinbefore specified, with the forests, appurtenances and dependencies thereof, together with all the right, title and interest therein belonging jointly and severally to the grantors aforesaid who hereby constitute and substitute the above mentioned Hon. Mr. Rensselaer in their stead, state, right, real and actual possession thereof, at the same time giving him full, absolute and irrevocable power, authority and special order, tanquam actor et procurator in rem suam et propriam, to enter upon the said land, the same to be possessed in peace, cultivated, occupied and used by the aforesaid Mr. Rensselaer, or those who may hereafter acquire his right; also to do and act therewith and dispose thereof as his Honor or others would do, or be allowed to do, with their own property and by lawful title acquired lands and domains, with-out any part, right, interest, or authority in the least, whether of ownership, command or jurisdiction, being kept, reserved, or retained by the grantors aforesaid, who on the contrary in his behalf, as before stated ad infinitum desist therefrom and surrender, relinquish and renounce te same by these presents. Promising further, not only forever to hold firm, binding and irrevocable and to carry out and fulfill this their transfer and all that may be done by virtue thereof, but also to guard against eviction from the aforesaid land, obligans et nuncians et a bone fide. In witness whereof these presents are confirmed by our usual signatures and the ordinary seal suspended below. Done on the aforesaid island of Manhatas and at Fort Amsterdam, the day and year written above.

Peter Minuit, D[irector]
Pieter Bylveltt,
Jan Lampo. Schout,
Reyner Harmensen,
Jan Jansz Meyns

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