Court Royal

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Court Royal  (1891) 
by Sabine Baring-Gould

Court Royal is an 1891 novel by Sabine Baring-Gould. It explores the conflict between the English aristocracy and nineteenth century individualism. Page scans available at Index:Court Royal.djvu.

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.



chapter page
I. A Little Devil 1
II. Pawned 9
III. Lazarus 16
IV. Joanna's School 21
V. Crudge, Solicitor 28
VI. The Ducal Family 36
VII. Beavis 48
VIII. The Marquess 59
IX. Lord Ronald 64
X. The Fifth of November 73
XI. Who was Rachel? 84
XII. Charlie Cheek 91
XIII. The Ems Water 98
XIV. The Monokeratic Principle 105
XV. Wanted, a Housemaid 111
XVI. Venite 115
XVII. Stock-taking 121
XVIII. Lady Grace 129
XIX. Sleepy Hollow 138
XX. Dulcina 144
XXI. Home-thrusts 148
XXII. A Family Council 153
XXIII. Reflorescence 160
XXIV. Caught Napping 168
XXV. Without Warning 178
XXVI. Unstable as Water 185
XXVII. Revolt 191
XXVIII. A Playbill 199
XXIX. Two Stage Boxes 205
XXX. Palma 213
XXXI. A Spoke in the Wheel 219
XXXII. A Drop of Comfort 226
XXXIII. Broken off 234
XXXIV. Incurables 239
XXXV. A Card Castle 247
XXXVI. The Council of Court Royal 256
XXXVII. A Sister of Mercy 262
XXXVIII. Reformation 269
XXXIX. Over a Snail 276
XL. Cheek Senior 283
XLI. An Entanglement 291
XLII. Nibbling 297
XLIII. 'Shares?' 302
XLIV. A Startling Proposal 309
XLV. Retribution 316
XLVI. E Tenebris Lux 323
XLVII. Leigh 331
XLVIII. The Fall of a Pillar 337
XLIX. An April Fool 345
L. To the Rescue 352
LI. The Flying-fish 359
LII. On the Pier 368
LIII. Another Disappointment 375
LIV. A New Leaf 380
LV. In Vain 384
LVI. Preparatory 391
LVII. Release 393
LVIII. The Last of the Ems Water 400
LIX. Without a Watch-dog 406
LX. Two Pictures 414