Destitute Persons Act 1846/Section 19

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Property of persons absconding liable for support of their wives and children.

19.In case it shall be made to appear upon oath to the satisfaction of any two Justices that any person hath quitted the Colony, or keeps himself concealed or away from his usual place of abode, and hath left his wife or children without means of support, or that such person is so absent with the intent to avoid the payment of any sum of money he may have been ordered to pay under the authority of this Ordinance, it shall be lawful for any two Justices, by warrant under their hands, to authorize some person to receive so much of the rents and profits of the real estate of such person, and to sell such portion of his personel estate as the said Justices may from time to time direct, not exceeding the rate hereinbefore provided, and to appropriate the money so received towards the support of the wife or children of such person as the case may be in such manner as to the said Justices shall seem meet: Provided always that nothing herein contained shall be construed so as to interfere with the just rights claims or remedies of any person to whom the person so quitting the Colony or keeping concealed or away from his usual place of abode may be indebted: Provided also that the receipt of the person so authorized as aforesaid shall be a good discharge to any tenant or other person for all moneys paid by him and acknowledged in such receipt to be paid.

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