Destitute Persons Act 1846

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No. 9.

Destitute Persons.

No. IX.

An Ordinance for the Support of Destitute Families and Illegitimate Children. [26th October, 1846.]

Preamble 1
1 Near relatives of destitute persons to be liable for their support 1
2 Mode of proceeding 1
3 Power to two Justices to make an order for support 1
4 Persons deserting their wives or children to be liable to penalties 1
5 Power to Justice to summon party charged as the father of an illegitimate child 1
6 Power to two Justices to adjudge the party to be the putative father 1
7 And to make an order upon him for support of the child 2
8 And to make an order for payment of additional sum for education &c. 2
9 Putative father may make composition 2
10 Custody of illegitimate children in certain cases 2
11 Children may be bound apprentices in certain cases 3
12 Age to be stated in articles of apprenticeship 3
13 Misbehaviour of apprentice and ill-usage of master 3
14 Articles to be cancelled in certain cases 3
15 Assignment of articles on the death of the master 3
16 And during lifetime 3
17 Recovery of payments in arrear 3
18 Party liable for payment may be detained in custody 4
19 Property of persons absconding liable for support of their wives and children 4
20 Persons about to abscond may be arrested 4
21 False statements 4
22 Parties aggrieved &c. may appeal 4
23 Interpretation 5

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