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ARNOLD, SIR EDWIN (1832–1904)

Poet: born June 10, 1832: educated at Rochester, King's College, London, and University College, Oxford, (Scholar): gained the Newdigate Verse Prize, 1853: Principal of the Government Dekkan College, in Poona, 1856–1861: Fellow of the Bombay University: joined the Daily Telegraph newspaper in London, and became its editor: visited and admired Japan, and married a Japanese lady in 1897: made a C.S.I.: and K.C.I.E. in 1888: held Orders from the rulers of Siam, Japan, Turkey and Persia: distinguished as a poet, scholar, teacher, journalist and man of letters: wrote The Light of Asia, Indian Idylls, Indian poetry, etc.: died March 24, 1904.