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LEE, HENRY (1826–1888), naturalist, born in 1826, succeeded John Keast Lord [q. v.] as naturalist of the Brighton Aquarium in 1872, and was for a time a director. At the aquarium he instituted important experiments on the migration of smelts, the habits of the herring, the nature of whitebait, crayfish, and the like. His 'Aquarium Notes' for visitors were able and attractive. Privately Lee was an energetic collector of natural history specimens, and was also a skilful worker with the microscope. He was a fellow of the Linnean, Geological, and Zoological Societies in London, and was popular in society. He died, after some years of ill-health, at Renton House, Brixton, on 31 Oct. 1888.

Lee wrote:

  1. 'The Octopus.' 1874; a popular account of the creature when general interest was fixed upon it.
  2. 'Sea Fables Explained' and 'Sea Monsters Unmasked.' two of the series of handbooks issued in connection with the Fisheries Exhibition of 1883, treating of the kraken, sea-serpent, mermaids, barnacles, and the like.
  3. 'The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary.' 1887.

He was a contributor to 'Land and Water.'

[Times and Field, 3 Nov. 1888; Land and Water, 10 Nov. 1888, p. 568.]

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