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STOCKER, THOMAS (fl. 1569–1592), translator, is described by Tanner as ‘ex generosa familia oriundus,’ and may have been connected with the Stockers of Bedfordshire (Harl. Soc. Publications, xix. 143). He translated from the French the following: 1. ‘A righte noble History of the Successors of Alexander, taken out of Diodorus Siculus: and some of their lives written by the wise Plutarch,’ London, 1569, 4to. This was a translation of C. de Seyssel's ‘Histoire des Successeurs d'Alexandre le Grand,’ Paris, 1530, fol. 2. ‘Two and twentie Sermons of Maister John Calvin. In which sermons is most religiously handled the hundredth and nineteenth Psalme of David,’ London, 1580, 8vo. 3. ‘An excellent treatise of the Immortalytie of the soule. Set fourth by M. John Calvin and englished from the French by T. Stocker,’ London, 1581, 12mo. 4. ‘Divers Sermons of Maister John Calvin concerning the Divinitie, Humanitie, and Nativitie of Our Lord Jesus Christe,’ London, 1581, 8vo. 5. ‘A Tragicall Historie of the troubles and Civile warres of the lowe Countries,’ 8vo. The dedication to Lord Robert Dudley, earl of Essex, is dated 15 March 1583–4. The work is a translation of ‘Histoire des Troubles et Guerres Civiles des Pays-Bas,’ 1582, 8vo, which is prefaced by a dedication signed ‘Théophile D. L.’ 6. ‘The Second Part of the Demoniacke Worlde, or worlde possessed with Devils,’ London, 1583, 8vo (two editions); a translation of the second part of Pierre Viret's ‘Monde Demoniacle,’ Geneva, 1579, 8vo. 7. ‘The Cauteles, Canon, and ceremonies of the most blasphemous, abominable, and monstrous Popish Masse. Togither, the Masse intitled Of the body of Jesus Christ. Fully set downe, both in Latine and Englishe. With annotations set forth by Peter Viret,’ London, 1584, 8vo. Dedicated ‘To Syr William Cycell, Lord High Treasurer of England.’ 9. ‘Sermon of Maister John Calvin on the Historie of Melchisedech, also Abraham's Faith, in believing God: comprehending four sermons. And Abraham's Obedience in offering his sonne Isaak; in three sermons,’ London, 1592, 8vo.

The above works are contained in the library of the British Museum. Stocker translated another volume of sermons (London, 1594, 12mo), and published ‘A Lamentable Paraphrase on the Lamentations of Jeremiah by Daniell Tousain,’ London, 1587.

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