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TEGG, WILLIAM (1816–1895), son of Thomas Tegg [q. v.], was born in Cheapside, London, in 1816. After being articled to an engraver, he was taken into his father's publishing and bookselling business, to which he succeeded on his father's death in 1845. He was well known as a publisher of school-books, and he also formed a considerable export connection. One branch of his business consisted of the reprinting of standard works at very moderate prices. In his later years he removed to 85 Queen Street, Cheapside.

He knew intimately George Cruikshank and Charles Dickens in their early days, while Kean, Kemble, and Dion Boucicault were his fast friends. He was a well-known and energetic member of the common council of the city of London. He retired from business some time before his death, which took place at 13 Doughty Street, London, on 23 Dec. 1895.

His name is attached to upwards of forty works, many of them compilations. The following are the best known: 1. 'The Cruet Stand: a Collection of Anecdotes,' 1871. 2. 'Epitaphs … and a Selection of Epigrams,' 1875. 3. ' Proverbs from Far and Near, Wise Sentences … ,' 1875. 4. 'Laconics, or good Words of the Best Authors,' 1875. 5. 'The Mixture for Low Spirits, being a Compound of Witty Sayings,' 4th ed. 1876. 6. 'Trials of W. Hone for publishing Three Parodies,' 1876. 7. ' Wills of their own, Curious, Eccentric, and Benevolent,' 1876, 4th ed. 1879. 8. ' The Last Act, being the Funeral Rites of Nations and Individuals,' 1876. 9. ' Meetings and Greetings: Salutations of Nations,' 1877. 10. 'The Knot tied, Marriage Ceremonies of all Nations,' 1877. 11. 'Posts and Telegraphs, Past and Present, with an Account of the Telephone and Phonograph,' 1878. 12. ' Shakespeare and his Contemporaries, together with the Plots of his Plays, Theatres, and Actors,' 1879. Under the name of Peter Parley he brought out much popular juvenile literature, which was either reprinted from or founded on books written by the American writer, Samuel Griswold Goodrich (Allibone, Dict. of English Literature, 1859, i. 703).

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