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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
v i 6 List of Writers: insert W. A. J. A. . . . W. A. J. Archbold
7 i 9 Tegg, William: before son of insert publisher and bookseller,
23 ii 9-10 Temple, Henry J., 3rd Viscount Palmerston: for Albert's brother Ernest, duke of Saxe-Coburg, read Albert's first cousin, Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg
35 ii 14 Temple, Sir John: for in Yorkshire read Pickering, Yorkshire
38 ii 2 Temple, Sir Richard, Viscount Cobham: after of foot. insert On 31 Oct. 1694, at the age, according to the college register, of 18, he was admitted fellow-commoner of Christ's College, Cambridge. He took no degree.
39 ii 27 after 1729. insert Richard Glover dedicated to him his 'Leonidas.'
44 i 21 f.e. Temple, Sir William (1628-1699): for 1665-5 read 1665-6
61 i 18-19 Tennant, Sir James (1789-1854): for Charles Pattenson of the Bengal civil service read William Dalrymple [q. v.]
62 ii 18 after March 1854. insert He married a daughter of Charles Pattenson of the Bengal Civil Service.
63 i 42 Tennant, James (1808-1881): for Chawncey read Chauncy
55-56 Tennant, Smithson: omit in Wensleydale
67 i 14 Tennyson, Alfred, 1st Baron Tennyson: for youngest son read eldest surviving son
70 ii 33 for 11 Aug. read 11 Aug. 1852
38 for In November read On 14 Sept.
40 after funeral insert (18 Nov.)
74 ii 15 for for Trinity College read given by the artist to Trinity College
76 i 26-27 Teonge, Henry: for belonged to a family settled at Spernall in Warwickshire read a native of Wolverton, Warwickshire, was a son of George Teonge, was educated at Warwick, became sizar of Christ's College, Cambridge, 28 June 1639, aged (according to the college register) sixteen, and graduated B.A. 1642-3. He appears to have been appointed to Sleaford 13 Nov. 1648,
for Narborough read Narbrough
ii 16 Terill, Anthony: for a further account of the subject of this article see Bonville, Anthony.
77 ii 12 Terne, Christopher: for spent read spelt
28 for (Nos. 1917 and 1921) read (Nos. 1917-1921)
91 ii 16 Thackeray, William M.: for Bowood read Longwood
95 ii 25 for 1892 read 11 Jan. 1894
99 ii 11 f.e. for 1854 read December 1854
105 ii 20 for Ballantyne's read Ballantine's
110 i 14 f.e. Thelwall, Eubule: for Eubule read Sir Eubule
130 ii 26-27 Theyer, John: omit where they are now . . . et seq.
132 i 8-9 Thicknesse, George: for but has since been removed read but the inscription is no longer extant