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141 ii 11 Thirlwall, Connop: for 1872) read 1872, and before 'Essays insert vol. iii.
12 for 1880. read 1878).
142 i 5 f.e. Thistlewood, Arthur: for Gantby read Gautby
180 i 52-53 Thomas, Francis S.: for Kingston read Kington
184 ii 36 Thomas, John (1712-1793): for established read bestowed
37 for from read on
18 f.e. for is in read was formerly in
193 i 8 f.e. Thomas, Vaughan: for Gloucestershire read Oxfordshire
208 ii 26 Thompson, Benjamin (1776?-1816): for Blades read Blaydes
223 i 16 f.e. Thompson, Sir Thomas B.: for son of Cap- read son of Mr. Boulden by his wife, Sarah, sister of Cap-
15-14 f.e. for R.N., by Sarah Boulden read [q. v.]
224 i 24 f.e.
21 f.e.
Thompson, Thomas P.: for Brooks read Briggs
ii 16 f.e. for Rasal read Râs al
11 f.e. for at Soor read near Soor
226 ii 1 for J. P. Thompson read T. P. Thompson
2 for Colonel read his son, General
228 i 28 Thompson, William (1811-1889): for 1889) read 1880)
245 ii 13 f.e. Thomson, Henry W.: for Ghita read Gita
249 ii 40 Thomson, James (1700-1748): for 1781,' read 1751,'
263 i 17 Thomson, Joseph: for 1883 read 1882
279 i 18 f.e.
Thomson, William (1819-1890): for Bishopsthorpe read Bishopthorpe
280 ii 21 f.e. Thoresby, John: for Hovington read Honington
284 i 13 Thoresby, Ralph: for Johnson read Johnston
ii 50-51 Thorius, Raphael: for Frascatorius read Fracastorius
285 ii 21 Thorn, Sir Nathaniel: for Bishop's Hall read Bishop's-Hull
290 ii 21 Thorndike, Herbert: for Kennet read Kennett
299 i 8 f.e. Thornton, Sir Edward: for 1818 read 1813
300 i 29-33 Thornton, Edward P.: omit In 1833 he published . . . . (London, 8vo).
35-36 omit and in 1840 . . . . Wollaston, appearing in 1886.
ii 5 after two daughters. insert Several works, commonly attributed to Thornton, are by others of the same name. A Captain Thornton, R.N., was author of 'A Summary of the History of the East India Company' (London, 1833, 8vo). Edward Thornton (1799-1875), probably a cousin of Edward Parry Thornton, who was in the East India House from 1814 to 1857, and was head of the maritime department from 1847, wrote : 1. 'India: its State and Prospects,' London, 1835, 8vo; 2. 'Chapters of the Modern History of British India,' London, 1840, 8vo; 3. 'History of the British Empire in India,' London, 1841-5, 6 vols. 8vo (second edition, 1 vol., 1858); 4. 'Gazetteer of the Countries adjacent to India on the North-West,' London, 1844, 2 vols. 8vo; 5. 'Gazetteer of the Territories under the Government of the East India Company,' London, 1854, 4 vols. 8vo (other editions followed, the last, revised by Sir Roper Lethbridge and Mr. Arthur Naylor Wollaston, appearing in 1886).
301 ii 18 Thornton, Henry: omit as his second wife
306 i 9 f.e. Thornton, Robert J.: for little woodcuts. read little woodcuts; reissued in 1824 with additional woodcuts by Blake of fine quality.
ii 11 for second wife read wife
312 ii 22 f.e. Thorold, Anthony W.: for 1874 read 1877
313 i 12 f.e. Thoroton, Robert: for Thoroton combined read Thoroton was born and educated. On 30 June 1639, when aged 16, he was admitted sizar of Christ's College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. 1642-3 and M.A. 1646. In the last year he received from the university a licence to practise medicine. Thoroton combined
314 ii 39 Thorpe, Charles: for Thorpe read Thorp
18 f.e. for at Peterhouse read at Durham School and at Peterhouse
17 f.e. after 1758 insert as senior wrangler
315 i 44 after popularity, insert A portrait by J. R. Swinton was engraved by G. R. Ward in 1846.