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315 i 53-54 Thorpe, Charles: for Mr. R. J. N. Davison read Mr. R. J. W. Davison
327 ii 17 Throckmorton, Francis: after Sir John Throckmorton insert (d. 1580)
27 omit [q. v.]
337 i 33 Thrupp, Joseph F.: for Daniel read David
359 i 40 Thurtell, John: for James Phillips read Charles Phillips
i 4 f.e. after Abernethy insert and his skull is preserved at the Royal College of Surgeons
ii 39 after xliii. 306). insert A published play, 'The Hertfordshire Tragedy, or the Victims of Gaming,' by H. M. Milner, was produced at the Royal Coburg Theatre, 12 Jan. 1824.
362 i 39 Thweng, Robert de: for the North Riding read East and North Ridings
367 i 28 Thynne, Thomas: for Balanquil read Balcanquhall
368 ii 10 for Kennet's read Kennett's
369 i 20 f.e. Thynne, Sir Thomas, 1st Viscount Weymouth: for Deverill Longbridge read Longbridge Deverill
383 ii 19 f.e. Tidey, Henry: for Bedford read Bedford Square
391 ii 39 Tilloch, Alexander: for Tilloch read Tulloch
40 for tobacconist read tobacco merchant
41 after 1759 insert (Soon after 1787 he changed his name to Tilloch)
392 ii 21 after wife insert Elizabeth Simpson
22 after daughter insert Elizabeth
401 ii 12 Timberlake, Henry: for 1601 read 1601-2
414 ii 2 Tiptoft, Robert de: for Robert read John
415 i 30 Tisdal, Philip: for (1707 read (1703
31-32 for born at Finglas, near Dublin, in 1707. read baptised at St. Mary's Church, Dublin, 1 March 1702-3.