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SUBJ: Interview in Iran Times - Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi

1. Ayandagan of May 9 reported an interview published in the Iran Times (A U.S. paper) with the son of Foreign Minister Ibrahim Yazdi. The interview discusses Dr. Yazdi's U.S. citizenship status, purportedly quoting a former Embassy Tehran official.

2. Embassy translation of pertinent portion follows: Quote in present conditions if the U.S. government takes any steps against Yazdi, it is probably that he may lose his U.S. citizenship. He added thtat it will be silly for the U.S. government to cancel Yazdi's citizenship. He added: If Ayatollah Khomeini imprisons Yazdi, he will enjoy the support of the U.S. consulate in Iran. If he makes any complaints from the people in charge of the prison, the U.s. Embassy in Iran will forward a protest to Iranian government and return him to the USA. The official added: These possibilities are silly in fact. Unquote.

3. As Dr. Yazdi has repeatedly denied U.S. citizenship here, this story will be embarrassing, and we expect questions about it. Please provide the complete text of the interview, and any other information available, ASAP. NAAS##


Believe that the Dr. Yazdi of your 20 September letter to Charlie Hass is probably Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi, a dentist, with whom Embassy officers have been in contact in the past. Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi was one of the founders in 1946 of the Islamic Society of University Students, an anti-communist but pro-Mossadegh Islamic fundamentalist organization. It was led by Muhammad Naghshab and Qolam Ali Bazargan. Ini 1960, Dr. Ibrahim Yzadi was an employee of the "Drug Production Company". No further information.

from CIA 10/2/78