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Executive Order 10211 of February 6, 1951

Placing in Operation the Provisions of Section 31 of the Organic Act of Guam

Whereas section 31 of the Organic Act of Guam (Public Law 630, 81st Congress), approved August 1, 1950, provides:

The income-tax laws in force in the United States of America and those which may hereafter be enacted shall be held to be likewise in force in Guam;

And Whereas section 34 of the said Organic Act of Guam provides:

Upon the 21st day of July 1950, the anniversary of the liberation of the island of Guam by the Armed Forces of the United States in World War II, the authority and powers conferred by this Act shall come into force. However, the President is authorized, for a period not to exceed one year from the date of enactment of this Act, to continue the administration of Guam in all or in some respects as provided by law, Executive order, or local regulation in force on the date of enactment of this Act. The President may, in his discretion, place in operation all or some of the provisions of this Act if practicable before the expiration of the period of one year;

Now Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me by section 34 of the said Organic Act of Guam, it is hereby ordered that the provisions of section 31 of the said Act shall be in operation as of January 1, 1951.

Signature of Harry S. Truman
Harry S. Truman
The White House,
February 6, 1951.


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