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Presidents of the United States

This is an index of works related to various Presidents of the United States.

Presidents of the United States[edit]

No.NameProclamationsExecutive ordersMemorandaLettersMediaOther
1Washington, GeorgeGeorge WashingtonProclamations
2Adams, JohnJohn Adams
3Jefferson, ThomasThomas JeffersonLetters
4Madison, JamesJames Madison
5Monroe, JamesJames Monroe
6Adams, John QuincyJohn Quincy Adams
7Jackson, AndrewAndrew Jackson
8Buren, Martin VanMartin Van Buren
9Harrison, William HenryWilliam Henry Harrison
10Tyler, JohnJohn Tyler
11Polk, James KnoxJames K. Polk
12Taylor, ZacharyZachary Taylor
13Fillmore, MillardMillard Fillmore
14Pierce, FranklinFranklin Pierce
15Buchanan, JamesJames Buchanan
16Lincoln, AbrahamAbraham LincolnExecutive orders
17Johnson, AndrewAndrew JohnsonExecutive orders
18Grant, Ulysses S.Ulysses S. GrantExecutive orders
19Hayes, Rutherford B.Rutherford B. Hayes
20Garfield, James AbramJames Abram Garfield
21Arthur, Chester AlanChester Alan ArthurExecutive orders
22Cleveland, GroverGrover ClevelandProclamationsExecutive orders
23Harrison, BenjaminBenjamin HarrisonProclamationsExecutive orders
24Cleveland, GroverGrover ClevelandProclamationsExecutive orders
25McKinley, WilliamWilliam McKinleyExecutive orders
26Roosevelt, TheodoreTheodore RooseveltProclamationsExecutive orders
27Taft, William HowardWilliam Howard TaftProclamationsExecutive orders
28Wilson, WoodrowWoodrow WilsonProclamationsExecutive orders
29Harding, Warren G.Warren G. HardingExecutive orders
30Coolidge, CalvinCalvin CoolidgeExecutive orders
31Hoover, HerbertHerbert HooverExecutive orders
32Roosevelt, Franklin DelanoFranklin Delano RooseveltProclamationsExecutive orders
33Truman, Harry S.Harry S. TrumanProclamationsExecutive orders
34Eisenhower, Dwight D.Dwight D. EisenhowerProclamationsExecutive orders
35Kennedy, John F.John F. KennedyProclamationsExecutive orders
36Johnson, Lyndon B.Lyndon B. JohnsonProclamationsExecutive orders
37Nixon, RichardRichard NixonProclamationsExecutive orders
38Ford, GeraldGerald FordProclamationsExecutive ordersPresidential Library
39Carter, JimmyJimmy CarterProclamationsExecutive orders
40Reagan, RonaldRonald ReaganProclamationsExecutive ordersRadio addresses
41Bush, George Herbert WalkerGeorge Herbert Walker BushProclamationsExecutive ordersRadio addresses
42Clinton, William JeffersonWilliam Jefferson ClintonProclamationsExecutive ordersMemorandaRadio addresses
43Bush, George WalkerGeorge Walker BushExecutive ordersRadio addresses
44Obama, Barack HusseinBarack ObamaProclamationsExecutive ordersMemorandaLettersPodcasts
Weekly addresses
Floor statements
Presidential works
45Trump, Donald JohnDonald John TrumpExecutive ordersMemorandaWeekly addresses
46Biden, Joe RobinetteJoseph Robinette BidenExecutive ordersMemorandaLettersWeekly addresses

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