Executive Order 1032

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It is hereby ordered that the following reservoir sites, namely: Salt River, Arizona; East Park, California; Deer Flat and Minidoka, Idaho; Willow Creek, Montana; Carlsbad and Rio Grande, New Mexico; Cold Springs, Oregon; Belle Fourche, South Dakota; Strawberry Valley, Utah; Keechelus Lake, Kachess Lake, Clealum Lake, Bumping Lake and Conconully, Washington, and Shoshone and Pathfinder, Wyoming, together with the smallest legal subdivisions of land adjoining the flow lines thereof as segregated by the broken lines upon the diagrams hereto attached and made a part of this order, are hereby reserved, subject to Reclamation Service uses under the provisions of the act approved June 17, 1902 (32 Stat., 388), and to any other valid existing rights, and are set apart for the use of the Department of Agriculture as preserves and breeding grounds for native birds. It is unlawful for any person to hunt, trap, capture, wilfully disturb or kill any bird of any kind whatever or take the eggs of such birds within the limits of these reservations, except under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary of Agriculture. Warning is expressly given to all persons not to commit any of the acts herein enumerated and which are prohibited by law.

These reservations to be known by the names designating the reserved tracts upon the diagrams attached.

Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt.

The White House

February 25, 1909.

Diagrams missing.


Amended by
Revoked (in part) by
  • Executive Order 3468, May 20, 1921 (revoked East Park, Keechelus Lake, Kachess Lake, Clealum Lake, Bumping Lake)
  • Executive Order 3725, August 18, 1922 (revoked Shoshone and Pathfinder)
  • Executive Order 6086, March 28, 1933 (revoked Rio Grande and recreated it as Wildlife Refuge)
  • Executive Order 7417, July 17, 1936 (revoked Minidoka and recreated it as Wildlife Refuge)
  • Public Land Order 378, July 1, 1947 (12 FR 4588) (revoked Rio Grande Wildlife Refuge)
  • Public Land Order 392, August 11, 1947 (12 FR 5554) (revoked Carlsbad)
  • Public Land Order 2072, March 24, 1960 (25 FR 2731) (revoked Conconully)
  • Public Land Order 2306, March 16, 1961 (26 FR 2467) (revoked Strawberry Valley)
  • Public Land Order 2309, March 21, 1961 (26 FR 2617) (revoked Salt River)
  • Public Land Order 3422, July 13, 1964 (29 FR 9666) (revoked Belle Fourche)
  • Public Land Order 4431, May 29, 1968 (33 FR 8341) (revoked Willow Creek; transferred to Bureau of Reclamation)
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