Executive Order 1217

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Paragraph 684 of the consular regulations is hereby amended by the omission of the words "Of textile and fibrous goods there must be three samples, in no case smaller than 11½ centimeters wide by 18 centimeters long," and the substitution of the following: "Of textile and fibrous goods only type samples of each fabric which the exporter expects to ship during the following season are required. These samples are to be delivered on or before the first season shipment. Samples of fancy goods should be not less than three by two inches. Samples of staple goods should be not less than four by three inches. These samples should be attached to cards or sheets and be filed in duplicate, one set to be retained at the consulate and one set to be forwarded to the appraiser at the port of entry. The quality, number, width, price per yard and ounces per running yard should be stated on the card to which the samples of woolen cloth are attached. The weight in ounces per square yard of woolen dress goods should be stated instead of the running yard. The date given with samples of cotton fabric should comprise quality, number, thread count, weight and width for full size of pattern or repeat and the price per yard.

"Invoices covering shipments represented by type samples should contain for each item the proper number for identification."

Signature of William Howard Taft
Wm. H. Taft.

The White House,

July 1, 1910.

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