Executive Order 12265

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By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution of the United States of America, and in order to enlarge the membership of the Consumer Affairs Council from twelve to twenty-four, Section 1 - 102 of Executive Order No. 12160 of September 26, 1979, is hereby amended to read as follows:

"1 - 102. The Council shall consist of representatives of the following agencies and such other officers or employees of the United States as the President may designate as members:

(a) Department of Agriculture.

(b) Department of Commerce.

(c) Department of Defense.

(d) Department of Energy.

(e) Department of Health and Human Services.

(f) Department of Housing and Urban Development.

(g) Department of the Interior.

(h) Department of Justice.

(i) Department of Labor.

(j) Department of State.

(k) Department of Transportation.

(l) Department of the Treasury.

(m) ACTION Agency.

(n) Administrative Conference of the United States.

(o) Community Services Administration.

(p) Department of Education

(q) Environmental Protection Agency.

(r) Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

(s) Federal Emergency Management Agency.

(t) General Services Administration.

(u) Small Business Administration.

(v) Tennessee Valley Authority.

(w) Veterans Administration.

(x) Commission on Civil Rights is invited to participate.

Each agency on the Council shall be represented by the head of the agency or by a senior-level official designated by the head of the agency.".

Signature of Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter
The White House,
January 15, 1981.



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