Executive Order 1510

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Under authority of the act of congress of June 4, 1897, and on the joint recommendation of the secretary of agriculture and the secretary of war, it is hereby ordered that the proclamation of May 16, 1910, modifying the boundaries of the Lincoln national forest, New Mexico, be, and the same hereby is, further modified to reduce the area of said national forest by eliminating therefrom the following described lands in the state of New Mexico: S. ½ section 23, and all of sections 26 and 35, township 7 south, range 17 east, New Mexico Principal Meridian:

Provided that those parts of the lands reserved by executive order No. 1262, dated November 2, 1910, for military purposes, embraced in the above described sections, to wit: NE. ¼, SW. ¼ and SE. ¼, section 23; N. ½, NE. ¼, S. ½, NW. ¼, S. ½, SE. ¼ and SW. ¼, section 26, and all of section 35, township 7 south, range 17 east, shall remain subject to the said executive order No. 1262; and

Provided further, that the public lands herein eliminated and not reserved by the said executive order No. 1262, to wit: W. ½, SW. ¼, section 23, and S. ½, NE. ¼, SE. ¼, section 26, in township 7 south, range 17 east, shall be, and hereby are, reserved for military purposes.

Signature of William Howard Taft
Wm. H. Taft.

The White House, April 1, 1912.



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