Executive Order 2508

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It is hereby ordered that a tract on the northern shore of Norton Bay, Alaska, described as follows:

Beginning at a point where the line of Latitude 65° N, intersects the line of Longitude 161° 29' W. of Greenwich;
thence due west to Longitude 161° 40' W. of Greenwich;
thence in a straight line south-westerly to the line of Longitude 162° 40' W. of Greenwich;
thence south to the north shore of Norton Bay;
thence northeasterly along said shore to a point on said shore due south of the point of beginning;
thence north to the place of beginning;
also the adjacent islands within three miles of the coast line of said tract,

are hereby reserved and set aside for the use of the United States Bureau of Education and of the natives of indigenous Alaskan race, subject to any valid adverse rights which may exist by prior inception.

Signature of Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson
The White House,
January 3, 1917.


Amended by:
Revoked (in part) by:

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