Executive Order 2649

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Designation of anchorage grounds at the quarantine station on Cauit Island, Cebu, Philippine Islands:

Whereas, by Executive order, dated October 25, 1904, Luke E. Wright, civil governor of the Philippine Islands, set aside and reserved the island of Cauit, Province of Cebu, Philippine Islands, "for the use of the Quarantine Service and the Marine Hospital Service," and said island is now used as a United States quarantine station ; and

Whereas, the act of Congress approved August 29, 1916, provides that all the property and rights which may have been acquired in the Philippine Islands by the United States under the treaty of peace with Spain, except such land or other property as has been or shall be designated by the President of the United States for military and other reservations of the Government of the United States * * * are hereby placed under the control of the Government of said islands to be administered or disposed of for the benefit of the inhabitants thereof.

I hereby designate, confirm, and set aside the island of Cauit, Province of Cebu, Philippine Islands, for use as a quarantine station under the Treasury Department of the United States.

Signature of Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson.

The White House,

28 June, 1917.

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