Executive Order 3035-B

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In pursuance of an act entitled, "An act for the relief of such populations in Europe, and countries contiguous thereto, outside of Germany, German-Austria. Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey, as may be determined upon by the President as necessary," approved February 24, 1919, I hereby direct that the furnishing of foodstuffs and other urgent supplies and the transportation, distributing, and administration thereof, provided for in said act, shall be conducted under the direction of Herbert Hoover, who is hereby appointed Director General of the American Relief Administration with full power to determine to which of the populations named in said act the supplies shall be furnished and in what quantities, and further to arrange for reimbursement so far as possible, as in said act provided. He is hereby authorized to establish the American Relief Administration for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of said act and to employ such persons and incur such expenses as may be necessary for such purpose, to disburse all sums appropriated under the aforesaid act of February 24, 1919, and appoint a disbursing officer with that power; and particularly to employ the Food Administration Grain Corporation, organized under the provisions of the food control act of August 10, 1917, as an agency for the purpose of transportation and distribution of foodstuffs and supplies to the populations requiring relief. He is hereby further authorized in the carrying out of the aforesaid act of February 24, 1919, to contract with the Food Administration Grain Corporation or any other person or corporation, that such person or corporation shall carry stocks of food in transit to Europe, and at points in Europe, in such quantities as may be agreed upon and as are required to meet relief needs, and that there shall be paid to such person or corporation in advance from the appropriation made in the aforesaid act of February 24, 1919, any sums which may be required for the purchase and transportation of foodstuffs and the maintenance of stocks.

Signature of Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson 

The White House,

February 24, 1919.

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