Executive Order 3142

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In pursuance of the authority conferred upon the President of the United States by section 2 of the act approved August 18, 1914, entitled "An Act to provide for the admission of foreign-built ships to American registry for the foreign trade, and for other purposes," it is hereby ordered:

That the provisions of law requiring survey, inspection and measurement, by officers of the United States, of foreign-built ships admitted to United States registry under said Act are hereby suspended so far and for such length of time as is herein provided, namely: The said provisions shall not apply to any such foreign-built ship during the period of eighteen months from September 1, 1919, provided the Secretary of Commerce is satisfied in the case of any such ship that the ship is safe and seaworthy and that proper effort is being made to comply with the said provision.

Signature of Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson 

The White House,

8 August, 1919.

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