Executive Order 335-A

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It is hereby ordered that a Board of Consulting Engineers, consisting of:

General George W. Davis,
Mr. Alfred Noble,
Mr. William Barclay Parsons,
Mr. William H. Burr,
General Henry L. Abbot,
Mr. Frederic P. Stearns,
Mr. Joseph Ripley,
Mr. Hermann Schussler,
Mr. Isham Randolph,
Mr. Henry Hunter, nominated by the British Government,
Herr Eugen Tincauzer, nominated by the German Government,
M. Guérard, nominated by the French Government,
M. Quellennec, consulting engineer, Suez Canal, and one engineer to be designated by the Government of the Netherlands,[1]

shall convene in the city of Washington, at the rooms of the Isthmian Canal Commission, on the first day of September, nineteen hundred and five, for the purpose of considering the various plans proposed to and by the Isthmian Canal Commission for the construction of a canal across the Isthmus of Panama between Cristobal and La Boca; and that the deliberations of the Board of Consulting Engineers shall continue as long as they may deem it necessary and wise before they make their report to the Commission.

The Isthmian Canal Commission is directed to have all the proposed plans in such detailed form, with maps, surveys, and other documents sufficient to enable the Consulting Engineers to consider and decide the questions presented to them. Should it be deemed necessary by the members of the Consulting Board, they may visit the Isthmus before making their final report. If there is a difference of opinion between the members of the Consulting Board, minority reports are requested.

General George W. Davis is hereby designated as Chairman of the Board of Consulting Engineers. Instructions more detailed will be given in time to be presented to the Board when it first convenes on the 1st of September.

The Chairman is charged with the duty of communicating to the other members of the Board this order and the other details that may be necessary.

Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt.

The White House, June 24, 1905.


  1. Mr. J. W. Welcker was designated by the Netherlands Government.

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