Executive Order 422

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Paragraph 678 of the Consular Regulations is hereby stricken out and the following paragraph substituted:

Purchased goods, where certified—

Invoices of merchandise purchased for export to the United States must be produced for certification to the consul of the district at which the merchandise was purchased, or in the district in which it was manufactured, but as a rule a consular officer shall not require the personal attendance at his office of the shipper, purchaser, manufacturer, owner, or his agent, for the purpose of making declarations to invoices, but he shall certify invoices sent to him through the mails or by messenger. To conform to the statute which requires that merchandise shall be invoiced at the market value or wholesale price of such merchandise as bought and sold in usual wholesale quantities at the time of exportation to the United States, in the principal markets of the country whence imported, consuls will certify to invoices, the additional cost of transportation from the place of manufacture to the place of shipment whenever the invoice is presented to be consulated in a country other than the one from which the merchandise is being directly exported to the United States.

Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt.

The White House,

March 1, 1906.

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