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Pursuant to section 12 of the act of Congress, approved July 1, 1902, entitled "An act temporarily to provide for the administration of the affairs of civil government in the Philippine Islands, and for other purposes" (32 Stat L., 691), the following reservations in the Philippine Islands are hereby made for military purposes, viz:

  1. In Batan Island, lying off the coast of Luzon, at longitude 124° east, and between 13° 10′ and 13° 20′ north latitude—all public lands within that portion of said Batan Island included within metes and bounds described as follows:
    Beginning at a point on the north bank of the Caracaran River, where it debouches into Caracaran Bay, said point being marked by a squared stake bearing the letters "U. S." thereon; thence running north 18° 10′ west to the high-water line of Gaba Bay; thence due north to low-water line of Gaba Bay; thence following the meander line of low water in a northerly direction, then westerly, then southerly, then easterly to the intersection of said meander line with a southerly prolongation of the line first mentioned herein; thence north 18° 10′ west, to point of beginning.
    The said reservation includes all that portion of Batan Island which lies west of the shortest straight line from the head of Caracaran Bay to the head of Gaba Bay; being an area of twenty five (25) square miles, more or less.

  2. In the Island of Cacraray, Albay Province, all public lands in said Island of Cacraray included within metes and bounds described as follows:
    Starting at the intersection, which will hereafter be designated as the point of beginning, of the center line of a small stream flowing into Coal Harbor, on the eastern coast of Cacraray Island, approximately 3,140 feet northerly along the shore from Cacraray Point, with the low-water line of Coal Harbor; thence northwesterly along the meander line at low water to a point which is the intersection of said meander line with a due east and west line which is distant from the point of beginning 3,000 feet measured due north of said point of beginning, thence due west along said east and west line for a distance of 1,730 feet; thence due south for a distance of 4,500 feet; thence due east to low-tide mark on the shore of Coal Harbor; thence in a northwesterly direction following the meander line of low water to the point of beginning. All bearings magnetic. Variation of compass 55′ east in 1903. Approximate area, 550 acres.
Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt.

The White House, March 10th, 1906.

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