Executive Order 458

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The United States Civil Service Commission having reported that sufficient eligibles who are American citizens have not been secured through its duly announced examinations to fill vacancies in interpreter and other positions, it is ordered that hereafter when an examination has been duly announced to fill vacancies in positions in any branch of the service and there is a lack of eligibles who are American citizens, the Commission may, if it deems it advisable and for the best interest of the service, accept applications from persons who are not American citizens, provided that, if found eligible, they shall not be certified for appointment so long as persons are eligible who are American citizens; and provided further that, whenever an examination has been duly announced and no eligible is secured to fill a vacant position, the Commission may, in its discretion, certify for appointment the competitor or competitors who received the highest ratings in the examination, and the appointing officer shall make selection from such certification if he deems it advisable to fill the vacant position before awaiting the result of another examination.

Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
T. Roosevelt.

The White House,

June 13, 1906.

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