Executive Order 5318

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It is hereby ordered that Amak Island, the Sealion Rocks, and a small unnamed island lying southeast of Amak Island, all being situated north of the Alaska Peninsula in Bering Sea and lying approximately in latitude 55° 25’ N., longitude 163° 10’ W., within the boundary indicated by the broken line upon the diagram hereto attached and made a part of this order, and as shown on United States Coast and Geodetic Survey Chart No. 8802, published in Washington, D. C., March, 1928, be, and the same are hereby, reserved and set apart for the use of the Department of Agriculture as a refuge and breeding ground for birds and wild animals, subject to existing valid rights.

These islands and rocks are hereby added to and made part of the Aleutian Islands Reservation, Alaska, and shall be subject to all provisions of law, regulations, and orders governing said reservation.

Signature of Herbert Hoover
Herbert Hoover
The White House,
April 7, 1930.

Amak Island EO 5318 illustration.png


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