Executive Order 754

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Section 2 of Rule III is hereby amended by adding after the words "industrial teachers" the words "and in the Office of Indian Affairs in the messenger service."

As amended the section will read:

  1. Where, in its opinion, the conditions of good administration warrant, the Commission may give noncompetitive examinations to test fitness for (a) transfer, reinstatement, or promotion; (b) appointment of Indians in the Indian service at large as superintendents, teachers, manual-training teachers, kindergartners, physicians, matrons, clerks, seamstresses, farmers, and industrial teachers, and in the Office of Indian Affairs in the messenger service, which examinations shall consist of the same tests of fitness as those applied to other persons seeking appointment through competitive examinations; (c) the appointment of the wife of the superintendent of an Indian school as teacher or matron therein; (d) employment as inspector of safety appliances by the Interstate Commerce Commission.
Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt.

The White House,

February 15, 1908.

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