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Pursuant to section 12 of Act of Congress, approved July 1, 1902, entitled "An Act temporarily to provide for the administration of the affairs of civil government in the Philippine Islands, and for other purposes, (32 Stat. L., 691), the following-described lands are hereby reserved for the extension of the Camp Stotsenburg military reservation, near Angeles, Pampanga, Luzon, Philippine Islands, as declared by executive order of September 1, 1903 (G. O., No. 34, War Department, October 13, 1903), with the exception and subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth, viz: All public lands, except the tract hereinafter set forth, included within metes and bounds described as follows:

Commencing at a cement monument at a point (station F.) on the line M-N of the existing reservation, as shown on the plan of "Proposed extension of the Camp Stotsenburg military reservation, surveyed by First Lieut. Ph, J. Lauber, Second Infantry, and Second Lieut. Kenyon A. Joyce, Sixth Cavalry, January, 1908;" said point of beginning being distant 1,773.46 meters from the said corner M; thence N. 44° 27′ 00″ W. 1,585.16 meters to a cement monument (station G) near the west end of barrio Dolores; thence N. 4° 23′ 20″ E. 1,736.81 meters to a cement monument (station H) on the south bank of the Bamban River; thence, following the meanderings of the Bamban River on its south bank, to a cement monument (station I) at the point of confluence with the Mabangla River (general direction, N. 23° 10′ 00″ E.; distance in direct line, 4,739 meters); thence N. 17° 26′ 10″ W. 892.47 meters to a wooden stake (station J) on the summit of the hill Panaysan; thence N. 3° 19′ 00″ W. 14,135 meters to a cement monument (station K) near barrio Telatau; thence N. 70° 7′ 20″ W. 9,203.42 meters to the triangulation station (station L) on Mount Biclat; thence S. 62° 23′ 5″ W. 17,132.29 meters to the southernmost peak (station U) of Mount Bocuel; thence S. 00° 27′ 40″ W. 9,817.39 meters to a flag pole (station Z) on the summit of a hill on the main ridge of the Zambales Mountains; thence S. 21° 27′ 20″ E. 15,650 meters to the summit of the south scarp (station B) of the gap in the ridge east of Mount Pinatubo; thence N. 82° 6′ 23″ E, 6,149.93 meters to station E of the existing reservation; thence, following the west and north boundaries of the reservation, N. 31° 49′ 30″ E. 5,165.06 meters; S. 83° 22′ 00″ E. 2,920.99 meters; N. 68° 25′ 00″ E. 2,886.76 meters; N. 71° 11′ 00″ E. 2,595.17 meters; N. 84° 5′ 00″ E. 1,773.46 meters to the point of commencement.

There is excepted from the operation of this order the following-described tract of occupied land situated in the barrio of O'Donnell, municipality of Capas, viz:

Commencing at the 11-mile post on the Capas-Iba Road; thence N. 11° 23′ 20″ W. 3,806.58 meters to a wooden stake on the right bank of the Caputian River; thence, following the river bank, downstream to the point of confluence with the Bangut River; thence, following the left bank of the Bangut River, upstream to the point of confluence with the Caliuagin River; thence, following the left bank of the Caliuagin River, upstream to the point of confluence with the Calanat Creek; thence, following the left bank of Calanat Creek, upstream to a wooden stake; thence N. 46° 2′ 20″ W. 150.96 meters, to the point of commencement.

The area of the extension, exclusive of the excepted land at O'Donnell, is 58,006.5 hectares, more or less. The bearings are true, as established from the lines A-Y and M-N of the survey of the existing reservation. Magnetic declination, 1° 25′ east. [1908.]

The said reservation is made subject to the following conditions:

That no private property shall be taken or destroyed without first making payment therefor; that no private parties who are at present lawful owners or occupants or in the lawful possession or occupation of the land required for the reservation, shall be dispossessed or disturbed in their ownership, possession, or occupation, until their ownership or right to possession or occupancy has been extinguished by due process of law, and all lawful claims of such owners or occupants have been fully paid.

Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt.

The White House,

April 30, 1908.

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