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During the provisional administration of the Cuban Government by the United States, which began September 29, 1906, it became necessary for the United States to employ persons in a civil capacity in Cuba in classified positions, both under the provisional government and the army of Cuban pacification, some of whom were temporarily transferred from the classified service while others were appointed temporarily without examination.

Upon the termination of the provisional government any person thus temporarily employed without examination may be transferred within one year from the date of the termination of his service in Cuba under the provisional government or the army of Cuban pacification to the classified service subject to the rules governing transfer and the following limitations:

(a) He may not be transferred to a position requiring a higher grade of work than that performed by him in Cuba.
(b) He must pass the examination required for original entrance to the position to which his transfer is proposed; and no person who at any time previous to this order or otherwise has failed in such examination shall be allowed reexamination except upon special order of the Civil Service Commission founded upon reasons peculiar to his case approved by said Commission.
(c) He must have served at least one year In a civil capacity under the provisional government In Cuba or the army of Cuban pacification and to within six months of the termination of said provisional government or of the withdrawal of the said army of Cuban pacification.
(d) His name must appear upon a list to be furnished by the War Department to the Civil Service Commission of persons who rendered satisfactory service and who were not separated for delinquency or misconduct, such list to show sufficient data to enable the Commission to determine eligibility for transfer under the foregoing.

It is to be understood that this action is not to be taken as a precedent for similar action in any future case; and hereafter in making any appointments or employments, when it is not possible to make selection for that purpose from certifications from the Civil Service Commission's eligible registers, persons employed without examination shall not thereafter be brought into the classified service by special order.

Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt.

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December 23, 1908.

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