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Faust  (1925) 
by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust is a tragic play and the best known version of the Faust story. It was published in two parts: Faust: der Tragödie erster Teil (translated as Faust Part One) and Faust: der Tragödie zweiter Teil (Faust Part Two). 4612 lines long, the play is a closet drama, meaning that it is meant to be read rather than performed. It is Goethe's most famous work and considered by many to be the greatest work of German literature.

Excerpted from Goethe's Faust on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This edition was translated from the original German edition by Bayard Taylor in 1870–71, with illustrations by Harry Clarke in 1925 (see scans).


Preface 13
An Goethe 23
Dedication 25
Prelude at the Theatre 27
Prologue in Heaven 35
Scene I. Night (Faust's Monologue) 41
II. Before the City-Gate 57
III. The Study (The Exorcism) 72
IV. The Study (The Compact) 85
V. Auerbach's Cellar 106
VI. Witches' Kitchen 122
VII. A Street 136
VIII. Evening 142
IX. Promenade 148
X. The Neighbor's House 151
XI. Street 160
XII. Garden 163
XIII. A Garden-Arbor 171
XIV. Forest and Cavern 173
XV. Margaret's room 181
XVI. Martha's Garden 184
XVII. At the Fountain 191
XVIII. Donjon (Margaret's Prayer) 194
XIX. Night (Valentine's Death) 196
XX. Cathedral 204
XXI. Walpurgis-Night 207
XXII. Oberon and Titania's Golden Wedding 226
XXIII. Dreary Day 234
XXIV. Night 239
XXV. Dungeon 240

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